1971 Series IIa

1971 Land Rover Series IIA, 109 LWB 5-door

This LR started out as a working vehicle from a Coffee Plantation in Cost Rica. It was originally powered by the LR Diesel with the STD LR transmission. At some point it was imported to California and later made its way to Colorado.I purchased it from a local Boulder, CO enthusiast who spent several years totally stripping it down to the frame, inspecting every part, and re-building with new and in many cases better parts.

This LR has been a weekend use only vehicle and not a daily driver. It has yet to see any off-road work and as a matter of fact the front Salisbury axle needs to be broken in as four wheel drive has not been used off road.

Less than 3,500 miles since the rebuild.

In this photo, note the custom galvanized front bumper with a WARN 8,000lb winch with a roller fairlead. Rocky Mountain light guards on the wing mounted lights. 5-bar checker plate on the wings, spring loaded hood holdowns. The snorkel has a pre-cleaner (spinner type) head. 

Felix (previous owner) purchased a Cummins 4bt Diesel out of a late 90’s delivery truck (it was running prior to being taken out and was recently inspected), rebuilt most of it and installed many

new parts in order to have a 100% reliable engine. This engine is what you will find in Fed-Ex or UPS trucks. This is a picture after the rebuild and before he installed it: 

This is a great addition to the LR as it provides lots of power and torque at very low RPM’s. It has a Holset rebuilt turbo, rebuilt injector pump and injectors. The water pump, thermostat, starter, alternator, seals, belt tensioner are all new.

This is a 4 cylinder version of the Cummins Diesel engine that you will find currently in the Dodge Diesel pickup trucks (parts are all interchangeable).

The engine is mated to a standard Ford bell housing with a standard Ford 11” clutch. There is an external hydraulic clutch slave cylinder. The clutch, slave cylinder and throw out bearing are new. New polyurethane motor mounts.

The transmission is a rebuilt Borg-Warner T-19 fully synchronized 4 speed. It is a close ratio (made for Diesels). These are bullet proof transmissions and are found in Ford and other brand 1-ton pickup trucks and large dump trucks. The transmission fluid is Lucas synthetic.

Engine fits very nicely into the room available. There is a 3 core aluminum radiator with a thermostat controlled 3300cfm fan. K & N air filter and a aluminum turbo intercooler. There is an air intake shut down valve (in case of a runaway engine). The engine also has a 110v block heater as well as a 12v intake air grid heater.

Dual batteries with Cole Hersee isolator to keep winch battery and starter battery separate. Winch has fuse protection under driver’s seat.

Louvered vents on hood provide extra cooling on hot days.

The T-19 transmission rebuild was commissioned though Advance Adaptors and is mated to an Ashcroft UK High Ratio transfer case using AA specified output shaft and AA adaptors. This combination gives you lower rpm’s at highway speeds and keeps the original LR low range unchanged. A Rocky Mountain cooling fin transfer case cover is installed.

The entire transfer case was rebuilt with LR parts to include seals and shims. A new speedometer gear was installed with a new speedometer cable.
The standard transfer case drum brake was removed and an X-brake, UK was installed.

Dedicated start battery had to be relocated with a Coleman Products battery mount and an Optima Yellow top due to the increased length of the driveline from the AA configuration, as well as the transmission/transfer case mount. That crossmember is now of the removable style.

Fluid in the transfer case is Lucas synthetic. 

The interior (front) has a custom aluminum dash with Auto Meter gauges. There is a hand throttle and 3-speed heater/defroster as well. The steering wheel is a Grant 16” three spoke wheel with a custom steering column mated to a rebuilt Saginaw Power Steering box.

The adjustable bucket seats are quickly removable with captive pins for easy access and there is a lockable aluminum cubby box between the seats. Instruments include:
LR original speedometer (restored), Tach, Water Temp, Oil Press, Amps, Fuel level (for both tanks), Manual Electronic fan control (you can shut it off for water crossings and leave it on reduced speed for cool downs when engine is off), rear work light switch, off road light switch, turn signals, head lights, horn button, windshield washer button.

A 40 channel CB radio attaches under the dash and there is a FM / Ipod / SD Card radio player on the over head. Both original LR wiper motors have been rebuilt with a new windshield wiper reservoir and pump. Bulkhead vents have new seals with the original LR screens (keeps bugs from flying in when vents are open on the highway).

Bulkhead was media blasted and painted with POR-15 before top coating and is 100% rust free. Interior floorboard, foot well and transmission tunnel area has had bed liner material sprayed on for anti-slip properties.

Adjustable bucket seats with seat belts.

15 gallon aux tank installed under passenger seat, military grade manual tank selector valve.

The original fold-down LR back seat has been reupholstered. It has three lap seat belts for three passengers and again the floorboard area has had bed liner material applied for anti-slip properties. Original LR grab bar can be seen behind the front bucket seats.

Rear cargo area has also had the bed liner material sprayed on and covered with a removal outdoor carpet mat. Shovel and ax mounted against the driver’s side fender. Locking tool storage area has a jack, lug wrench and other tools.

The original LR Series style sliding rear windows have been removed and the newer Defender rear sliding windows installed.

Locking aluminum cubby box. 15 gallon main tank under floor.

The rear door has a third (middle of the door) hinge installed and a custom swing away rear tire carrier welded onto the rear bumper. This totally eliminates any door issues from the weight of the tire typically mounted to the door.

A full length roof rack with ladder is mounted to the roof rack and the roof is a Safari style with vents. A Hella rear work light provides rear illumination and a High Lift jack is mounted onto the roof rack. Original LR mud flaps and there is a Class V pintle tow hitch. Rocky Mountain rear light guards.

Snorkel, pre-cleaner, roof rack, Hella lights.

The front axle is an extremely rare LR Salisbury (DANA 60 manufactured under license by LR). All US made DANA 60 parts interchange. This axle was purchased in the US from a dealer who imported it from the Dunsfold Collection, UK. It is a NOS (New Old Stock), brand new and never been activated in four wheel drive.

Standard LR swivels balls and seals, with a Bear Mach disc brake kit installed. All new steel and rubber brake lines front and rear. Rancho steering stabilizer and front shocks and new tie and steering rods. Mile Marker free wheeling hubs. All new bearings in wheel hubs and steering knuckles.

Axle wading tube installed
Air Cell polyurethane bumper springs (white accordion devices in picture).

The LR original frame was media blasted, inspected and then modified for the engine swap and also to accept the LR 1-ton spring packs all around. After the modification it was painted with two coats of POR-15 paint.

New custom front drive shaft

Axle ratio is 4.70:1, no locker or limited device.

Rear axle is also a Salisbury unit from LR. It has new bearings in the wheel hubs and new brake pads in the drums. Differential has new pinion and rear seal.

Rancho rear shocks
All new steel and rubber brake lines front and rear. Wading tube is seen in the axle housing.

LR drive shaft that was custom re-made by Bud’s Spring Works in Lancaster, PA, when transmission was rebuilt.

Axle ratio is 4.70:1, no locker or limited device

Front and rear spring packs are new LR 1-ton leaf springs, with LR Military Shackles, all new bushings.

All four driving tires (and spare) are McCreary Super Lug 9.00 x 16LT bias ply tires. They are load range D. These tires are 36.3” overall diameter.
All five tires are mounted are onto the bullet proof LR NATO/Wolf rims.
Tires have better than 80% tread left, no cuts. They are balanced.

In this photo you can also see the heavy duty sill protector and the custom fender / wing vent to aid in cooling on hot days.

 Some pics underneath showing the 2nd battery and undercarriage in general

This is a look around “irene”, our Series iiA with the Cummins Diesel 4BT engine.

This is driving “Irene”, around the hills of Elizabethtown PA. We go through the gears as she ambles around the backroads with ease.